My Story

I was born on 20th July,
Living in Bandar Baru Bangi for nearly 6 years.
Studying in TABIKA Kemas when I was 5.
Wow, for the first time...
Like me - Playing at the Kindergaten
Of course, crying and didn't want to go to the kindergarten.
But then, my mother told the teachers that never force me to learn.
Well kind of weird isn't it?
She did not want me to feel bore about studying..
So, in the kindergarten, what else I can do?
Plays of course!
I even represented my kindergarten in Netball
 *  *  *

The uniqueness of my story starts here...
At the end of 2003,
SK Gita ( My first School)
All of us move to Kuching, Sarawak.
We stayed there for nearly 4 years
I went SK Gita

I know the school name was a bit weird but still this my first primary school and I have lots of memories here plus I am proud of this school.
It located at Kampung Gita which is kind of village.
Believe me, it was really calm here and the air was so fresh.

I was quite dumb when I was in Standard 1.
Every one else can read in Malay and very good in English but I'm not
My first exam, guess what..
I got number 16/40
Quite sad, my sisters and brother ranking top 10
plus my father quite disappointed with me.

I was jealous seeing my friend holding the card written on it "First"
When I went back home, I told my mother I want to get the first place in every exam.
My mother told my class teacher Madam Hasanah about my problems.
She said she will help me all she can.
And she did.
From number 16,
I got number 6 and from 56%
I got 91%
I even got award for making such an amazing performance.

Things just not stop there,
I am still not satisfy with results
So at the end of the year, I studied everyday.
Answering at least 5 Mathematics question everyday before I watched cartoons
It was all because I want that first place in class.

So in Standard 2,
My dream achieved..
I got the first place with 99.6% for the first semester exam
and first place with 98% for the second semester exam.
I am happy and the wills to keep on studying grew bigger.
I read English Textbook until the pages tore off.
(Haha I am proud of my old me... Very hardworking)
In standard 3, a year full of smile and tears
I joined the Prefect organization.
We were on duty during recess.
Since we were just Standard 3, there were not so much troubles as the students respected us as a Prefect.
Well,this year is when my beloved little brother born and went away.

I am not the last child in my family actually.
I have little brother.
Lutfil Hadi was the name we chose for him.
He was born on 5th September.
And he went away a week after Raya Puasa.
Of course I have been wanting little brother since long time ago.
I was very excited on the day he was born,
but he was put into ICU because he drowned and he was premature too.
We visited him and my mother everyday.
Nurul Farhana Shamsaimun
My mother had some kind of serious illness to that time.
We created lots of memories with him.
His round eyes resembled my sister Nurul Farhana.
Very round and chocolate hazel.
Beautiful eyes.
His skin just like mine, soft fair skin.
His pink lips like my sister Nadiah
and his face shape just like our big brother Khairulawar.

Nadiah Shamsaimun
He stayed in the ICU for nearly 2 months, there was one day that my father told me that he can get out from the hospital soon and of course
as a little kid and as his sister I am very excited.
But then, he was sick and could not get out from that hospital.
In the end, he never get out from the hospital to see the world.
When he opened his eyes, he was in the hospital and when he closed his eyes for eternity, he was in the hospital.

On 21 November 2006,at 1.30 a.m
We received a call.
Telling us that he's no longer here.

2006 started with smile and end with tears
*   *   *
2007 A year full of travelling

I went to school like I always do but this time was in the morning.
I going to school by van.
Everything was normal for 3 months until my mother said that she wanted to go back to Bangi to live with my brother and sister.
Due to her health condition, my father agreed.
SK Jalan 4 insignia.
After finished her treatment, we moved to Bangi just like what my mom desired.

Me? I having quite a hard time since that was my first time moving to new place.
I just accepted the fate and went to SK Jalan Empat
Faced lots of new things here.
Bunch of hot stuffs, intelligent student that annoyed me in the class, thinking that I am stupid because I didn't talk much.
Everything changed after I got 2nd place in the class, all those hot stuff started to become much nicer and respect me. 
Well its their fault to judge book by its cover. :D
Studying there making the wills to study lose little by little. 
Allah understood everything,

After studying there for nearly 6 months...
Again, my father told me a shocking news.
Which was moving to Kelantan...
Again, move again...
That time, I was tired of packing things...
I wanted to stay,but my mother didn't let me to...
I just obeyed my parents' will and went to Kelantan.
There, I studied at SK Long Gafar
When I entered the school, I can feel a new challenge there.
And my sixth sense was true.
The challenge was a bit different there.
Everybody here accepted my presence..Wait..
No..pretend to accept my presence..Yeah...That's it.
Studying there until Standard 6 and I found a true friend there who is Nurhafizah Maidin.
She was the only person who stand for me when I was in a down fall.
She might be the same as other people, thinking that I am a bad person, but she is the only one who tried not believe the rumors.
In the end, the rumors proved to be fake and my life turned out better.
I just lived my life and graduated.
Alhamdulillah I got 5A in my UPSR.

*   *   *
SMK Long Gafar Insignia
High School~
A place that I never want to be when I was in Primary school...
My first High School SMK Long Gafar.
Spend a year,creating not so much wonderful memories..

Again, my father came back to work and told me and my mom that we will be moving to Bangi back.
This time, I was quite excited so did my mom.
At the end of 2010..
We moved to Bangi...
(Bangi! Here we come!)
*   *   *
2011, Another adventure

At Surau Al-Falah SMK Jalan 3 B.B.B
I studied at SMK Jalan 3, entered a class name 2 Jujur.
sitting next to Nur Huda Yusoff Khalid (My True Friend)
Spending time together to know more about each other.
After some months, we started to know more about each other,our true colors and background.
She was bit childish and always sulk.
I never cherish her back when I made her sad or mad.
Haha...quite cruel right?
But because of what I faced, that was the reason why.
After some times,she became more matured and transformed into a much better teen.
Alhamdullilah I didn't change her into a bad person.
Well we became much closer and of course there're lots of fighting between us.
That strengthen our friendship :)

2012 Year Of Determination

Guess why I called it 2012 as year of determination?
Of course PMR!
I have been dreaming of studying in a boarding school which is MJSC and to be more specific MJSC Langkawi.
So this was the year that I became real hardworking.
I studied at do everything I can to score straight A in PMR
and this year, I joined the Prefect Organization
Prefects' Appreciation Feast at UNITEN
Became one of the school Prefect is quite a tough job if you are not strong enough and becoming prefect is not just getting certificates but it is taking responsibility.
So,when you agreed to accept the responsibility, do your best with the job :D

Everything went fine and Alhamdulillah,
I scored 9A in PMR
All thanks to Allah..

2013 A new Journey

Helmi Brother's Wedding
Form 4.
A new step in life
A beginning to a real life.
That's what they said and I believed its true

Jujurians Batch 97'12 separated.
Everyone walks with their own way
Before this, we ignored and we have no unity at all.
Time taught us,
Its true that we only appreciate something when it is gone.

New Class, new friends
I met several new friends which I can go on with..
Syafinaz Ahmad Razali, Arifa Solihin,Khairuna Nasuha and Aida....

The best new buddy ever : Syafinaz Ahmad Razali!
I kept on annoyed her during Biology class but she never mad at me..
Haha... because she knew that I am very sleepy that time..
We always studied/doing homeworks together after school.

P/S: I miss that moments so much..

5th February,
I received offer to further my studies in MSJC Langkawi..
My dream school...
But thinking about what I have in SMK Jalan 3 made me sad.
But in the end, I chose to go as this is the only chance to find myself.
This chance only come only once in a blue moon...
It is better for me to grab the chance..

So..I went there...
Everything here is different.
The social life, unity, discipline,way of study and everything else.
Having a hard time to find a friend who I compatible with..

Here they are..they guys who made me wanna to stay in MJSC Langkawi~ life continues with these people around :)

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